This is a complete gauge control system designed to control cross direction profile of cast Film. It has unique oscillating multi-gauge 'O' frame which scans nearly 100% of the web and precise control to automatic extrusion die.

Multiple Digital beta gauges are connected to high speed gauge interface which indicate profile variation at a fast speed. The profile is then controlled by a special auto tune fuzzy logic 64 / 128 point temperature control module to provide instantaneous correction for CD Profile variation.

An intelligent data logging system keep a complete recording of Roll data machine speed and other parameter of machine for Roll report & process capability analysis.

Automatic air gap compensation, temperature compensation and auto head standard are key features of Gauge Master 1200.
Gauge Master - 1200


Digital Beta Gauge Digital solid state beta gauge is intrinsically more stable and efficient than analog detectors. There is less drift in operation, less frequent calibration is required, and less maintenance. Measurement is precise and reliability is excellent. All measurement is in real time, whether during critical start-up, online production or while changing products, you can make fast decisions to maintain high quality with less waste. Add in low life cycle costs and you can obtain a significant contribution to the bottom line.
  • Transmission mode beta gauge with accurate measurement capabilities and solid state reliability.
  • Small and compact:- can be installed almost anywhere with minimum impact on existing machinery.
  • Easy to implement multipoint measurement strategies.
  • Lowest radiation source can be installed and easily maintained by end user.
  • Intrinsically stable: digital counting mode eliminates sensors drifts due to changes in temperature, high voltage or analog components. No frequent calibrations required.

Computer Control Console ( CD PROFILE )

Gauge Master-1200 uses unique computer workstation and its industrially proven components for gauge viewing and control. It incorporates a rugged workstation with feather touch key-board. Industrial I/O interface units having unique expansion facility. The Gauge Master-1200 console can be easily interfaced with various inputs such as temperature, speed, melt pressure and many more machine parameters. It can accept signals in terms of voltage, current, frequency using suitable module.
    Computer Control Console for GM-1200


  Multi Scanning O-Frame
Gauge Master-1200 is interfaced with multi head scanning 'O' frame. The rugged aluminum 'O' frame is mounted on a scanning mechanism. The multiple digital beta gauges are mounted at prefix distance, covering complete web. The small cross direction movement scans the web at very high speed, while multi head collects as high as 80% of the web thickness data which is easily displayed on view gauge screen and controlled by profile control electronic module.


      Remote Gauge View -14-->picture1     Remote Gauge View -14-->picture2
GAUGE VIEW 14 is a remote video color screen which can be mounted on a stand or a dust-proof enclosure for easy gauge viewing as seen on console screen. The GAUGE VIEW 14 has feather touch keys to select production recipes and operation mode i.e. Auto / Manual. Even the quality roll/batch reports can be generated any time by simply pressing a print-key on the unit.


  • Supports 60 physical and derived gauges.
  • Multiple free format windows.
  • Full reporting package.
  • Complete calibration and recipe support, including reporting to meet ISO9000 requirements.
  • Instantaneous variation Indication.
  • Warning high / low alarm.
  Real Time Gauging Software


GAUGE MASTER 1200 auto gauging control system generates user friendly report such as

  • X Bar SPC chart
  • Range chart
  • X Bar Histogram
  • Gauge Summary Statistics
  • SPC Summary Statistics
  • Deviation chart in percentage
  • Reports of gauge set point, mean std. deviation, min & max variation with respect to set point v/s deviation range.


Detector Compact Size - 175mm x 60mm x 35mm.
Source Low Radiation - 500 mcr. ( Kr-85 / Sr-90 / Pm-147 ).
Digital Detection Min. 10 milli sec. / reading
Response Time 50 milli sec. to 1 sec.
Computer Control Console Data storage and roll reports.
Video display Colored video screen 14"
Keyboard Feather touch for recipe selection.
Recipe Upto 1000 recipe and storage.
Output 64 / 128 outputs from CD Profile Control.
Alarm 2 relay contact for warming and over range.
Power Supply 230V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.
Ambient Temperature 65C for gauge head / 45C for monitor unit.