It is Solid State Nucleonic measuring sensor having single point measurement, very compact and easy to install. 

         Gauge Master - 600



  • Micro-controller based intelligent unit.
  • Back-lighted LCD display, 16 character by 2 line.
  • Sixteen key membrane keypad for user operation ( Parameter edit and calibration ).
  • RS-422 full duplex serial link for computer interface.
  • Non-volatile memory, can store up-to eight calibration groups.
  • Display of gauge in engineering units ( micron, gsm ).
  • Auto standardization by the remote switch input.
  • Housing-Aluminum enclosure ( 160mm {H} x 100mm {W} x 42mm{D}).



Detector Compact Size - 175mm x 60mm x 35mm.
Source  Low radiation - 500 mcr. ( Pm-147 / Kr-85 / Sr-90).
Range  0.1 micron to 6000 micron.

Gauge Master- 600 consists of the following



Digital Solid Sensor is mounted on it to provide fast and accurate gauge measurement, which reduces process variation to improve your quality. This 'C' Frame is designed for fast and easy mounting. There are no moving parts. The measurement is consistent and reliable.



IGI 1010

Intelligent Gauge Indicator, IGI-1010 is a micro controller based unit to indicate the gauge measured by the Sensor. It allows automatic standardization and manual standardization feature with programmable sample time for standardization. Facility of multiple calibration group is provided. LCD display for programming, calibration and Gauge viewing. Multiple universal output for easy interface to digital display, PLC's or computer.


BIG LED Display

The bright large size LED display gives ease of remote visibility to machine operator for gauge value indication. This display can be mounted at a height or at a remote location in order to view the gauge from a long distance.
         Big LED Display


Real Time Gauge Software and PC Interface Module for Data Recording and reports. Computer can be linked at a long distance.